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Zestful Card

Learn how to activate and manage your Zestful Card.


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Can I reactivate a deactivated, lost, or stolen card?

If a card has been deactivated, it's because it's been lost, stolen or the person it was assigned to is no longer with the company. Because of these reasons we do not allow a card to be reactivated. We'll send you a new card to use.

Can my Zestful card be used online and offline in the real world?

Of course! Your Zestful card works just like any other debit or credit card and can be used online or in the real world.

I've received my Zestful card, how do I activate it?

Congrats! Your Zestful card is ready to use! Head on over to the Catalog page or your Settings page to activate your card.

Is the Zestful card a debit or credit card?

It's a little bit of both... It works just like any normal credit card, however, it can only be used on products within Zestful and only up to the spending limit set by the company allowance.

What happens if I have a remaining balance on my Zestful card at the end of the month?

Any balance that is remaining at the end of the month will not be rolled over to be used the following month. For example, if you have a monthly allowance of $50, and spend $45 in a month, you will not have $55 to use the following month (the balance is simply brought back to $50).

Our suggestion? Donate the remaining balance (Which can sometimes be small and hard to use) to charity? We have many non profits that would gladly take any amount that you can give.

What happens if a card is lost or stolen?

If you've lost your card or had it stolen, let us know. Send us an email to with your name and company name, or shoot us a chat at the bottom of this page. We'll order you a new card to re-activate and start using as quickly as possible.

What happens when a Zestful card expires?

Before a card expires, Zestful will automatically send a new one to activate. When the new card is activated, the old one will be automatically deactivated for you.

What is the billing address for my card?

The billing address for your Zestful card is going to be the billing address for your company itself. You can find this address by going to your settings page - It will be displayed underneath your card displayed on the left.

When are Zestful cards shipped and how long do they take to arrive?

Zestful cards are immediately shipped once an account is created and approved. Once shipped, they should arrive in roughly 8 -10 days. Once received, you can use them right away!

Where are Zestful cards shipped to?

Zestful cards are shipped directly to the team members personal shipping address as soon as they approved by their admin.

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