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Team and Company

Learn how to invite, approve, and deactivate team members.


Account Verification

Before you use Zestful, we need to make sure that you are you
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Account Status

Learn about the different account statuses in Zestful
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Manage Team Transactions

View transactions from team members in your company.
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Add or Remove Admin Rights

Add or remove the admin status to team members.
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Deactivate a Team Member

Archive team members to remove access to Zestful and their card.
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Add New Team Members

Quickly add new team members to start using Zestful.
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Can I change our allowance to be quarterly or yearly instead of monthly?

At this point we only support monthly allowances, but are looking to offer both quarterly and yearly allowances soon. We've found that employee engagement is MUCH better when employees are given a monthly allowance compared to larger increments.

Does Zestful store my sensitive information like SSN or banking info?

Zestful does NOT store sensitive information, and use bank-level security through Stripe to protect all of our customer's information.

Does Zestful work for remote teams?

YES. In fact, we've found that Zestful is the perfect solution for remote teams because there is no need for a clunky reimbursement process (e.g. submitting receipts).

How do I cancel my Zestful account?

We're sorry to see you go... But if you wish to cancel your Zestful account just send us an email to We'll stop all charges and transactions immediately and close your account. Any remaining balance from unspent allowances will be sent via ACH back to the bank account we have on file.

What can Admins do within Zestful?

Admins will have access to all company settings, including the ability to adjust budget, update billing information, and approving/archiving team members. Give this power out lightly.

When an employee is archived, will they still have access to their Zestful account?

No. When an employee is archived they will immediately lose access to their Zestful account and their Zestful card will be deactivated. Accidentally archived someone? They will need to create a new Zestful account from scratch.

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