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Pricing and Billing

Learn how Zestful bills, refunds, and handles payment.


Important Zestful Billing Dates

See what upcoming dates are important for your Zestful account
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Paying for Zestful

See how Zestful billing works and how much it costs to use.
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Can I change our allowance to be quarterly or yearly instead of monthly?

At this point we only support monthly allowances, but are looking to offer both quarterly and yearly allowances soon. We've found that employee engagement is MUCH better when employees are given a monthly allowance compared to larger increments.

Do I have to use ACH?

You can use either ACH or a Debit/Credit card to pay for your Zestful account. ACH is a reliable and cheaper way to send large transactions (no fees), while debit/credit cards can be more convenient but carry a 3% transaction cost.

How do I cancel my Zestful account?

We're sorry to see you go... But if you wish to cancel your Zestful account just send us an email to We'll stop all charges and transactions immediately and close your account. Any remaining balance from unspent allowances will be sent via ACH back to the bank account we have on file.

How much does Zestful cost?

The cost of using Zestful is $5 per card, per month (billed at the beginning of each month). The first $5 fee is charged at the creation of the card/employee account.

What happens if the entire allowance isn't used in a month?

Whatever amount isn't spent in a month will be rolled over to the next month, and Zestful will pull the difference from your bank account. For example, let's say your total company allowance for a given month is $1,000. If $800 is spent during the month, the remaining $200 will be put towards your next month.

What is the billing address for my card?

The billing address for your Zestful card is going to be the billing address for your company itself. You can find this address by going to your settings page - It will be displayed underneath your card displayed on the left.

When am I billed for Zestful?

Zestful transactions are pulled when a new team member joins, on the 20th of the month (the allowance pull for the following month) and on the 1st of every month.

When does Zestful bill our account?

There are two transactions that happen on Zestful each month. The first is to collect the potential allowance that could be used by your team in the following month - This transaction always occurs on the 20th of the month (to give plenty of time for the transaction to settle). The second transaction occurs on the first of every month, and is the Zestful Fee of $5/employee.

Why do we pay for the allowance in advance?

Zestful cards work very similarly to regular debit cards. Because of this we require a balance in your Zestful account before any cards can be used. By paying for your Zestful allowance up front you guarantee no interruption or card cancellations due to insufficient funds for your team. We've also found that this method is MUCH easier on the accounting side of things.

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