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Getting Started

Follow this guide to get started with your Zestful account.


Important Zestful Billing Dates

See what upcoming dates are important for your Zestful account
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Account Verification

Before you use Zestful, we need to make sure that you are you
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Account Status

Learn about the different account statuses in Zestful
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Paying for Zestful

See how Zestful billing works and how much it costs to use.
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Setting Up Your Company

Let us walk you through the steps of getting your company set up on Zestful.
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How Zestful Works

Learn more about Zestful and how easy it is to use and get started.
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Does Zestful work for remote teams?

YES. In fact, we've found that Zestful is the perfect solution for remote teams because there is no need for a clunky reimbursement process (e.g. submitting receipts).

When are Zestful cards shipped and how long do they take to arrive?

Zestful cards are immediately shipped once an account is created and approved. Once shipped, they should arrive in roughly 8 -10 days. Once received, you can use them right away!

When does Zestful bill our account?

There are two transactions that happen on Zestful each month. The first is to collect the potential allowance that could be used by your team in the following month - This transaction always occurs on the 20th of the month (to give plenty of time for the transaction to settle). The second transaction occurs on the first of every month, and is the Zestful Fee of $5/employee.

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